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The Islamic Social Services Association (ISSA) is building bridges, breaking barriers and facilitating access. Through our various publications, public seminars, diversity training, newspaper and journal articles, public and private policy work and personal counselling, ISSA dedicates itself to addressing the needs of Muslims across Canada. One of the most critical components of this task is ensuring that accurate messaging and information on Islam and Muslims is available and accessible.

In addition to dealing with Muslim issues within our community, Islamic Social Services Association collaborates with other social service, cultural and interfaith organizations in order to address human rights issues and build bridges to unite the citizens of Canada.

I hope that everyone enjoyed the third annual Multicultural Tea Fest on October 16! Multicultural Secretariat would like to know what you thought of it! Please go to Survey and let them know!

To see our activities in 2016, see our 2016 Newsletter for a detailed overview.

Or better yet see what’s been happening in our AGM Report.

Feel free to contact us if you are interested in donating, volunteering, or simply learning more about ISSA.

ISSA Support for Muslim Community

In light of the shooting in Quebec ISSA would like to offer this information for those suffering grief at this time. If you are suffering from extreme grief please do not hesitate to contact our office at 204-944-1560 to speak with someone. Grief Information

To see supports ISSA has for Syrian Refugees: ISSA Support for Syrian Refugees

Interfaith Conference in Kosovo

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Parenting Workshop – July 15-Sep 2


Congratulations to all who received their certificates!

About ISSA

Social Services

ISSA provides social services to individuals based on their personal requirements. We offer direct service and support to individuals and communities by collaborating and integrating into mainstream health and social services of our community.

Muslim Community

ISSA provides information, training and events with the goal of strengthening the opportunities and potential of the Muslim community in Canada. We collaborate with other organizations and individuals to deliver quality service to participants that address the needs of Muslims.

All Services

Education Institutions

ISSA provides information and training to mainstream organizations that increase their ability to provide culturally competent services. ISSA also arranges and provides mosque tours for mainstream groups that are interested in learning more about the Muslim community.


ISSA in the Media

ISSA provides knowledgeable information to the media and addresses human rights issues that impact Muslims and Canadians as a whole. Members of ISSA are featured in many news articles, news releases, television interviews and video interviews.
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