Valuing Diversity

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Letters, July 24
Posted: 07/24/2019 4:00 AM | Comments: 2

Valuing diversity

Re: Pallister recruits Quebec workers in wake of contentious law (July 18)

I am writing to express my appreciation of Premier Brian Pallister’s principled stance on the right of all Canadians to practise their religion, and on women’s right to choose what to wear — which unfortunately is what Quebec’s Bill 21 will limit when turned into law.

Some have cynically pointed out to me that it is because it is election time. I must also admit to my own bias; I, too, was surprised because I was not expecting him, as a conservative, to take this clear stance against Bill 21, outdoing all other political leaders and premiers.

Given that he is also offering employment opportunities to civil servants who will be affected by this bill in Quebec, he has demonstrated the sincerity of his words.

As a Muslim woman who is concerned about her sisters in Quebec, I take Pallister’s words to heart and will proudly encourage them to look at Manitoba for their career opportunities.

Shahina Siddiqui

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