Preventative Family Support Services

Support for Muslim children and families

PFSS is a project implemented to provide support for Muslim children, families and service providers within the Child Welfare System. Created in August 2015, the PFSS has begun a Foster Parent recruitment drive, begun developing targeted parenting skills training, and has established support groups for both foster youth and foster parents. The PFSS offers counselling and mediation supports as well.

Foster parent recruitment and support

The PFSS is committed to connecting Muslim children in care with culturally appropriate foster homes. PFSS provides a supportive environment for those families, as well as training opportunities for continued learning. In situations where a culturally appropriate family environment cannot be secured, the PFSS can act as a resource for families seeking information on supporting Muslim foster children to maintain their cultural identity.

Parenting Skills Training

Please contact William Barr at (204)944-1560 for more information.

Counselling support

The PFSS is committed to assisting people in need of counselling from a perspective that understands and celebrates their cultural identity.

Building capacity in the community

The PFSS is committed to offering opportunities within the community to build professional capacity in areas that not only benefit the individual participants, but the community as a whole.


The PFSS team is consistently aiming to expand the scope of services provided. For further information please contact William Barr at (204) 944-1560.

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