Islamic Social Services Association Inc. (ISSA) was established in 1999 at a meeting of 60 Muslim social workers, mental health professionals and counsellors in Washington D.C. Visionary founders of ISSA are: the late Dr. Maryam Funches, Dr. Aneesah Nadir, Dr. Bilquis Eltarab and Shahina Siddiqui. In 2003 ISSA split into 2 sister and independent organizations: one in the USA and one in Canada. ISSA Canada operates as a non-profit, charitable organization and carries a mission to provide family, health, and social welfare services inclusive of the many cultural and ethnic groups that comprise the Muslim community in North America.

ISSA’s Mission

Canadian society is inclusive and has a strengthened Muslim community, where cultural and ethnic groups and their members’ social, cultural, spiritual and economic well-being is fundamental. Each person’s potential is achieved by accessing and receiving culturally, linguistically and spiritually appropriate health, social and economic services and supports.

ISSA’s Mandate

In collaboration with and integrated into mainstream human services, we provide family, health and social welfare services, inclusive of the many cultural and ethnic groups that comprise our Muslim communities in Manitoba and Canada. ISSA helps facilitate, bridge, navigate, advocate, collaborate, educate and build awareness, and provide direct service and support to individuals and communities by collaborating and integrating into mainstream health and social services of our community.

Our Board Members

Kobra Rahimi

Abdo Eltassi
Vice Chair

Harun Kibirige

Idris Knapp
Board Member

Our Staff

Shahina Siddiqui
Volunteer Executive Director

William Barr
Chief Operating Officer

Sarah Parkar
Office Coordinator

Community Advisory Board

Shawn Feely

Kate Kehler

Sid Frankel

Lorie Wilkinson

Terumi Kuwada

Rafiq Pujani

Loraine MacKenzie Shepherd

Frank Lavitt


Sacha Paul